Happy Garden Walk, Buffalo!


GardenRant's absolute favorite gardening event is happening in Buffalo this weekend, so it's time for a shout-out and a "Wish I were there!"

And by the way, If it isn't the best run gardening event in the whole US of A, it's gotta be right up there.  I just browsed their website (a great example for events of any kind) and found all kinds of sponsors, gardening-related or not.  Then there's the Garden Walk book, the DVD, the poster, the banner, the t-shirts, the first-rate press kit, and especially "Garden Walk Gives Back," where you find out the event supports community gardens, street beautification and all that good stuff.  Jim/Art of Gardening, President of the Garden Walk committee, can be thanked for much of that, and our Elizabeth has been lending a hand behind the scenes for many years.   

What is it? 
341 gardens open Saturday and Sunday, all FREE to the public.  A mid-summer event that's done more for Buffalo over its 15 years than could ever be calculated.  You can't help loving this small, affordable city that's artistically vibrant and brimming with community spirit.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. But this is also a good opportunity to thank the 20-some committee members that work year ’round on the Walk; the more than 340 gardeners working for a season, gracious enough to open their homes; and the 70-plus volunteers that staff the headquarters for the weekend. It takes a village you know.

  2. “You can’t help loving this small, affordable city that’s artistically vibrant and brimming with community spirit.”

    What a perfect line to market Buffalo. I hope someone in their city tourism office sees this.

  3. Buffalo, the city proper has just under 300,000 residents. Including the outlying suburbs, what we would consider the “metropolitan area,” would make it just over 1.1 million. We’re the second largest city in NY State and the 47th largest in the country. The area of the Garden Walk, on Buffalo’s West Side, is around three square miles. The city has a total area of about 40 square miles.

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