Manchester, UK to Turn its Parks into Produce


RaspFlickrMarko_KI LOVE this – Manchester's plan to plant fruit trees, herbs, and veg patches in the city's 135 public parks, plus bringing in beehives to pollinate all that action.  And all the produce will be free for the picking. They're hoping to be known as "Britain's greenest city."  You know, along with the home of the United.

Great quote:  "These are public areas and there is no reason why people shouldn't be able to
help themselves to the produce grown."

Now I notice they're counting on volunteers to make the veg and herb part work, and I've seen hopes like that dashed a time or two in my part of the world, but I hope those volunteers materialize because if this 3-year pilot succeeds, it could be an awesome example for urban public lands everywhere.

Here's the story, thanks to Tai-Haku. Photo by Marko_K.


  1. Great, until the first greedy ( in more ways than one) picks an apple/strawberry/radish or whatever, chokes on it or has an allergic reaction and sues the city!! Or someone gets stung by a bee, just buzzin around working for the city!!
    Bur seriously – if they use any kind of pesticides or fungicides, organic or no, and people are picking and eating? I uess they’ll have to spend a fortune on signs warning the public to wash all produce before consuming…..I can hear the lawyers of Manchester rubbing their hands together in anticipation of a bumper crop!!
    That is unless the ” Youf” of Manchester don’t trash the gardens before then!! Especially those United hooligans ( I’m a Tottenham fan meself!!)

  2. I’ve always wondered why US cities don’t plant more edible plants in park landscaping and let local pick away. We do have a park near our suburban home in Oregon with blueberries, blackberries and saskatoons and I’m usually the only one out picking but pick away I do! I love your blog, especially the bit about “rambling, chaotic, bug-ridden” gardens. I’ve removed my entire front lawn in the ‘burbs (gasp) and replaced it with perennials and lots of berries and veggies mixed in. It’s wild and gorgeous and as full of weeds as well as flowers and good things to eat, and I love it.

    Beth Sethi
    Tualatin, Oregon

  3. Several of the public areas along the river through missoula sport fruit trees including apples, apricots, huckleberries, raspberries and choke cherries. I love to go picking. If you get up early enough there is usually a crowd of older folks who have been doing it for years!

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