Unidentified Melon


Follow up to the previous post.
Sharon, another gorgeous plant is a seedling someone gave me and I forgot whether he said it’s watermelon or cantelope, but I bet you guys can tell me.  This photo was taken a week ago and it’s already half again larger.  LUSH.

And what have I harvested?  Of summer crops: eggplant, cukes, bell peppers and tomatoes.  And a bunch of herbs.


  1. I’ll vote canteloupe too if we only have those two choices. If it was a cucumber there would be cucumbers on it by now.

    My canteloupes are all vine and no melons so far.

  2. nice. i vote cantaloupe too for the reasons given.

    i had a mystery cucurbit sprout from my worm compost this spring. I saved one and am growing it in a hanging pot. Not sure what it’ll become, if anything, but it’s been entertaining so far & looks quite a bit like your example. Here’s hoping we both get some great fruit!

  3. Looks like a French heirloom cantaloupe/melon. I’m growing Noir de Carnes and Charentais. It looks similar to both.

  4. Looking good! It could be a cantaloupe or muskmelon. Definitely not wmelon, as Carol mentioned their leaves are more lobed.

  5. Beautiful. I love the geranium-like leaves. Susan, I’ve always been too stingy with space in my small vegetable garden to grow anything but tomatoes and one zucchini (which is over 5 ft. wide right now), but you’ve inspired me. Next year, melons and eggplant on the patio!

  6. Canteloupe gets my vote, too.

    Christopher C, my cucurbits this summer are all all hat and no cowboy.

    Too much rain, and it’s down to 40 degrees every night.

  7. Cantaloupe. I get them every year — even although I’ve never planted seeds — because I compost my cantaloupe innards and the seeds live on, coming back in my compost-amended flower beds. If the deer don’t find the plants I’ll usually get a loupe or two. Beautiful!

  8. It is a beautiful plant, and since I’ve never grown melons, I have no idea what it is. I’m near Susan, and I’ve coveted her deck garden! I’m way behind her, but I’ve harvested lettuce, chard, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber, a few grape and yellow pear tomatoes, green beans and lots of basil.

  9. I let an unknown vine grow that self sprouted from the compost I spread on the garden. It now covers the garden, galloping over the cukes, the potatos, snaking up thru the tomatos and onto the grass. It is a warty 1/2 yellow 1/2 green smallish gourd. I and many other people will have loads for fall decorations. And I had no cross polination with the cukes, they taste fine and look normal.

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