1. Hey ranters: A story in the Albany Times Union had a story about late blight on tomatoes being spread throughout the northeast from plants sold by Home Depot.

    The source: Bonnie Greenhouses with dozens of growing ranges in several states. The blight got into a 10 acre field and destroyed the entire crop.

    One more reason to buy local….

    The TROLL

  2. That’s good news for my friends in the NW.
    Any knowledge about who the secret buyers are of the San Francisco Show?
    They have named named who the over seeing stylists are going to be but I haven’t heard who the actual new owners are .

  3. We are happy up here in Seattle that the show will go on. Not that it’s perfect, but it’s a good idea-generator and keeps hope going in late winter when most of the garden is still dormant. Now if they would just make more of a real focus on sustainable/organic practices and edibles, I would be 100% happy!

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