Wicked Plants and Amy on “CBS Sunday Morning”


This Sunday at 9 a.m. Eastern – unless some really big news breaks between now and then, of course. 

Notice a couple of on-topic stories on their website right now – one about the legalization of medical marijuana and another about Project Laundry List, the outdoor-laundry-drying campaign.  


  1. Concerning the “Clothesline Debate” I am just speechless…I grew up watching my mother and other neighbors use clothes lines and I also used one until moving to the “city” but I never gave it much thought …To me it was always if you can afford one so be it if not so be it to…your choice.

    Just another reason why you have to be careful when you buy into an area with a HOA …When you first see these types of neighborhoods your first reaction is how “NICE” but when you look closer they kind of remind me of the movie “ The Colony”…every house looks the same, every lawn looks like its been mowed to the exact height not one weed is showing you wouldn’t dare to leave your gardening hose for others to see..Everything is just spotless. It’s almost as if these neighborhoods are only for looking at not real living..

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