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Now if you happen know how lame I am at following other blogs it may surprise you to know that I've not only noticed one, but am declaring my wildness for it.  But here it it: Gardening Gone Wild is clearly THE team blog for garden design and photography and a terrific contribution to our world.  Happily, design and photography aren't what we're about here at GardenRant, so I don't feel the least bit disloyal in recommending it.

And a confession – I was reeeely curious to hear about the inner workings of another team gardenblog and writing this piece was a great excuse to pry.  There you have it!

The venture sprang from the imagination of Fran Sorin, who suggested to her friend Nan Ondra that they team up, and the site in July of '07.  Next, they began experimenting with adding more writers, with Saxon Holt coming on board next, then Steve Silk soon thereafter, and the rest is history.  Says Fran, "We now have a full roster of garden writers,
designers, photographers, and broadcasters, all "committed
to their craft and the environment." The others are Debra Lee Baldwin and Rob Cardillo, for a total of six regulars, and they also have six guest contributors.  From what I can tell, they're all accomplished heavy-hitters of the gardening world.

Now let's go behind the scenes.  To my amazement, they have no assigned days for posting.  The regulars contribute two articles a month each. (See? With enough partners, a successful blog can be yours without it taking over your life.)  Contributors are free to write whatever they please, in as many or as few words as they please. (Nice change from magazine articles, huh?)  Fran writes her posts and pays GGW's bills from her new home in Israel.  Nan coordinates posts from all the contributors, and runs the popular monthly Design Workshops, the GGW feature that first attracted me as a reader (especially for the many lawnless contributions to Front Yard Gardens, version 2008 and 2009.) Workshop favorites with readers have been Walls and Fences and Arbors and Pergolas, and the
design subject eliciting the most passionate responses was – go figure – Labels.  Bucking hundreds of news reports about the hottest trends in gardening, readers weren't much interested in the subject of Edibles.  Lots more features have followed, and there's no telling what the GGW gang will experiment with next.

And I couldn't help but admire this statement from the site, a short and sweet manifesto of sorts:  "All of the contributors to Gardening Gone Wild are committed to organic gardening and the conservation of our natural resources."  And the newest addition to GGW's roster of good works is promoting Kiva.org, whose mission is "to connect people through lending
for the sake of alleviating poverty."  Nice. 

If the 3+ years of GardenRant has taught me one thing, it's that though blogging with partners is sometimes more challenging (ahem), it's mostly just waaay more fun.  As Fran says, "We are
having a blast!!"


  1. I really enjoy GGW and all the talents that the team brings to the blog. It’s one of my favorites, but I have to say Garden Rant was – and is – my first favorite.

  2. I too enjoy wading into the waters of GGW.
    The photography tips , lessons and essays are excellent from Saxon Holt and the new addition of fellow garden photographer Rob Cardillo has been wonderful.
    I enjoy seeing project photographs from other gardeners via their links when Fran and Nan offers their “Design Workshops”.

  3. Susan-
    Thanks so much for your article on GGW…just a few corrections. As much as we do love Rob Cardillo, he is a Guest Contributor, not a Regular Contributor. Secondly, GGW contributors do not post whenever they want. For our monthly columns, each of us have specific days when they get posted. Other posts are put into the ‘waiting line’ and Nan posts them as they come in. Other than that…you got it…we are indeed having alot of fun!! Fran

  4. Susan, it’s marvelously validating that someone of your caliber noticed what we’re doing at Gardening Gone Wild, and liked it enough to tell your readers. Thank you so much.

  5. I discovered GGW two days and today I read your rave review here. Spooky! Now if I could find an Aussie blog like either GR or GGW how thrilled would I be?! 🙂

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