Blooming today, the Tardiva hydrangea


I'm a big fan of Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva' – it's right up there with the oakleaf.  This one's pruned to be almost espaliered, wide but close up against the English laurel hedge.  So in this tight-fit border I can still walk along the middle, passing between the Tardiva and that 'Ogon' spirea.  Speaking of which, I'm in love with its chartreuse willow-like foliage anywhere, but especially with the lamb's ear.  There's some Salvia 'May Night' and reblooming Tradescantia in this vignette, too.

For once, I followed the Garden Blogger Bloom Day rules.  Though back on my blog I broke 'em again.


  1. I’ve been thinking about Tardiva. I want to plant some BIG hydrangeas as part of my lawn limiting program. I like the lacy flowers and am hoping that it can grow low to the ground. Oakleaf is also on my list.

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