Justin Timberlake – Champion of the Low-Impact Golf Course


Who knew?  I've gotta read more TMZ, I guess.  But his Mirimichi course recently opened and we learn that it "implemented sustainable resource management principles
that incorporate wildlife conservation, habitat rehabilitation and
enhancement, water conservation, and water quality protection.
"  It's also the first golf course in the US to be
designated as a certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary and the first to calculate its own carbon footprint. 

Fascinating stuff happening in the environmentally disastrous world of golf, so worth following.  Here's the press release and here's the story on a green-building website. Or enjoy Justin and some unidentified talkers in the video.


  1. About time they started thinking about habitat. They’ve always provided it, whether they pay attention to what is habitating or not.

    It’d be great to see golf courses actively work to get a little native habitat out there in the rough…

    (Hey, a girl can dream – we used to be amazed at the critters that called the local golf course ‘home’)

  2. Well, knowing that, seeing him and Al Green do a version of ‘Let’s Stay Together’ makes me despise golf a little bit less. Fly over Palm Springs sometime and see the water being wasted (sorry – it’s still a bit of a pet peeve dressed as a gorilla on my back).

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