“Governor’s mansion model of ecological sustainability”


PA-Roses-July7-2009 That's the title of Mackenzie Carpenter's great piece in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the gubernatorial gardens in Harrisburg.  Nice to see some well-earned kudos for the horticultural team taking this high-profile garden very seriously and setting a great example for Pennsylvanians.

I wrote about the gardens here for Green the Grounds and was also impressed with Dennis Rydberg's oversight of the gardens.  He sent me these recent photos of the rose garden and the brand new kitchen garden. 

PA Governor's Residence Vegetable & Herb Garden Photo B - July 7, 2009


  1. What a waste of water. Nothing bad about being brown.
    Nothing wrong with hybrid vegetables either. Some of the heirlooms taste nasty.
    What freak said heirlooms were better than hybrids?

  2. If you want to save seed for replanting, or have an interest in preserving genetic diversity, or want to buy seeds not under the control of a multinational company, heirlooms aren’t just better but essential.

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