Live from the IGC show


According to the vendors, garden centers have money to spend this year! Mr. Armitage gave a talk on “gardening is a four-letter word”–just to get me riled up, he said! Sadly, his talk was at the same time as mine, so I’ll have to corner him later to get the scoop.Live from the IGC show


  1. I found that if you could get past the extreme marketing hype and the usual kitschy garden center stuff there was actually some really innovative products and tools at the show.

    I had several favorites but I think my top favorite vendor was Natural Industries – they were promoting organic fungicides, iron addditives (for chlorotic plants) and a product called Vacation which supposed to promote drought resistance.

    I could definately see these products used by both homeowners and professionals. I got a sample bottle of the Vacation solution and will have to test it out.

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