To illustrate the fun discussion of marigolds going on over Hanna’s Slut Plants post below, I went looking for them on Flickr.  Turns out they’re pretty photogenic.  But guess what!  This photo of not just the flower but the whole plant and lots of them – the kind of photo we’re always asking catalogs to please show us – is by The County Clerk a/k/a Hank Heatly of Lake County, who was once a frequent commenter here (and he’s missed).


  1. I like marigolds, bit I don’t know that I’d have a huge bed of them. We use them for fillers around the canna in our street containers. A neighbor grows them from seed and they seem to do better as a result.

  2. The seed grown ones do much better and will cross pollinate to make new types. I have a cross between Queen Sophia and Tiger Eyes that is splendid. Seeds are saved of the prettiest flowers for next year, making each year slightly different.

  3. Oh, the elitism! Why oh why can’t we learn to love and appreciate this lovely annual that’s been around forever. Yes, they’re old fashioned, easy to grow, and, ok, a bit gawdy with their lush green foliage and look-at-me warm colors. And this is bad why? I plant french marigolds here and there in all my sunbeds. By August they’re in full bloom giving color just when everything else looks washed out and tired. Just when I’m sick of the garden, enter the marigolds. These faithful old friends beautifully bridge the gap between summer and fall. Drying perennials, a few pumpkins here and there, a couple of potted mums, and there you have it. The perfect autumn garden.

  4. Rudbeckia ‘Tiger Eye’ is a smoldering slut with tight crotches that form mold.
    Lots of flowers but has a nasty growing habit.
    What’s so good about that?

  5. Eliz, your Queen Sophia x Tiger Eyes cross sounds lovely! Have any seeds to share by any chance? I had some lovely violas I got the same way (random crosses by bees, saving seeds from my favorites) back in high school, but lost them during time over seas.

  6. Hi Joseph, it is Frances who has the cross. If you link to her from her comment, I bet you can figure out how to contact her for the seeds.
    Ha! I am way too clueless to come up with anything that cool! I buy plants and hope for the best.


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