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WowoWow is a woman-owned and -run website with lots of high-powered women at the helm (Lily Tomlin, Lesley Stahl, Whoopi Goldberg, Marlo Thomas, etc) but until now there was no sign of gardening on the site.  Well, that was then and this is 2009 and they're getting into gardening, y'all! 

First up is a round-up of "renowned" gardenbloggers – we love that! – all answering short tip-type questions.  Now I was afraid my tip-type answers would be overly simplistic but with all of us answering the same questions, it was just fun.  Pals Shirley Bovshow and Pam Penick are among the seven.  

Next up – guest posts, and my first offering is about the anti-lawn movement.


  1. Congratulations, Susan. I’m thrilled that they included a sustainable gardener in that mix. The more the word gets out about sustainable practice, the better!

  2. My blog buddy Cynthia of “Brambleberries in the Rain” was delighted to be included, it was fun to read all of your perspectives. The biggest take-away: I guess I need to MULCH more!

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