1. That’s nothing. My cages are made of 9-foot lengths of concrete reinforcing wir–the kind with 6-inch squares–rolled into tubes. They’re five feet high, but you can also get them 7 feet. Very inexpensive and easy.

  2. And that is why I opt to use bamboo and some all natural twine. Toss the twine in the compost bin at the end of summer and reuse the poles. I do wish I had initially invested in the larger poles though. Some of them have bent dangerously under the {Awesome!} weight of fruit.

  3. I saw neon colored cages at the show – they were pretty cool.

    I suggested to one vendor that he should have a line where they’re flipped upside down, with pins and have the ends curled under like ribbon.

  4. Is this a new idea in the US? We have had these in Australia for years. They’re the only way to grow tomatoes – as long as you remember to put them the right way up. I used mine upside down until someone pointed out the error of my ways…they work much better now!

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