Death of the Great American Lawn – Coming Soon?


On, my fix-the-American-lawn guest post should be loud and clear.  It's called  "Coming Soon: The Death of the Great American Lawn"

I've promised them the next installment will be about solutions to the problem that is the American lawn, with a link to a new website on this subject.  It's a team effort involving Paul Tukey, Ginny Stibolt, Susan Morrison, Tom Christopher, Evelyn Hadden, Billy Goodnick, Shirley Bovsho, a movie producer/environmental activist named Tom Engleman, and yours truly. 

Coming soon to GardenRant.


  1. I have to respectfully agree with Henry Doyle’s comments. Death of the Great American Lawn? Doubtful that will happen. Have we been irresponsible while caring for our lawns? Absolutely. But I see no need to do away with grass altogether. Of course, as always, feelings on topics such as this are personal and varied.

    We have an acre of property and a fair amount of lawn to care for. Many of the options aren’t practical for us. Our lawn is far from perfect – we don’t even attempt to achieve that – but it’s still largely grass, and it’s brown right now. That’s okay, it will green up when we get some rain. We don’t do any supplemental watering of the grass because the yard is too large, but grass is the most maintenance-free option that still looks okay.

    There’s a happy medium in everything.

  2. Kylee, I hear ya, and just hope the Great (meaning perfect and too much of it) American Lawn is dying. We don’t have enough water to keep that much lawn green and perfect any longer.

  3. We have an On Gardening essay coming up in Oct/Nov 09 issue called In Praise of the Lawnlet by Frank Hyman. Same topic … losing the lawn. Love it!

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