Renhee on local seeds:
For example, authentic italian basil – get from Italy.  When it's sold as Italian they grow it in U.S. anyway. (where?)  From Italy, tastes diff.  Thehy're really piocky about basil, like southerners and ribs.   (UI'm confused!!) But best to pick seeds grown in ideal coniodtions – like Idaho for high quality beans.  For haricot verts, from french company, best-tasting soil of region.  (I don't understand my notes).
Seed companies all buy from seed producers of highest quality)  Sweet peas in lompac, CA.  Seeds of highest quality will grow anywhere.
Seed copanies are like wineries – most don't produce own grapes (or seeds).

She grows 400 varieties, needs kilos of some varieties every year.  Can't grow them all.

For beginners like me:
GET COMPACT vasrieties.  there's a great container pumpkin. 
Best from starts:  tomatoes, pepper, eggplant.  B/c seeds need starating ahead of time indoors.
Best (easier) from seed: squash, sunflower, cukes, cateloupe, beans, basil, pumpkin

Feed every two weeks. – liquid kelp she likes.  Also Dr. Earth.

GIVEAWAY:  Butgerfly and hummingbird, plus easy to grow group.  They're dated 2010.  I'll do after T'giving.