Heeeeeere’s….The Late Show Garden!


Everyone on the left coast is all abuzz about The Late Show.  It's a great name for a garden show:  it suggests celebrity guests sitting on a sofa making sexy talk with a host in a nice suit.  Maybe some man on the street interviews.  Then a band that you haven't heard of, but probably should have, would play a song. It all sounds hip but also comforting, the way a late show is:  no matter how awful your day has been, you can slide under the covers and click on the remote and laugh at the monologue and look forward to the sexy talk with the celebrity and all your troubles will be forgotten.

I imagine that The Late Show Gardens is going to be kind of like this. It's another kind of garden show entirely, one held in the fall, which is, after all, the best time to garden in California, and it certainly has its share of celebrities:  Saxon Holt and Ken Druse and Val Easton and Tom Fischer and a whole bunch of other impressive people who know what they're doing.

The focus is on sustainability, the vendor list is a plant geek's dream roster of specialty nurseries, and–well–it all just sounds like a really damn good deal.

It's happening in Sonoma County this weekend.  We've got a GardenRant spy on the ground who has agreed to send us a full report, and if you're planning to attend, I hope you'll send us your photos, stories, and reactions.  I'm particularly intrigued by the box lunches, which look a damn sight better than the funnel cakes and corn dogs that pass for food at most garden shows. All in all, it looks like a garden show by and for gardeners, not by and for the makers of windsocks and kitchen countertops and osteoporosis treatments.

And did I mention that it's not at the county fairgrounds or the sports stadium?  It's at a place called
Cornerstone Sonoma, which bills itself as  "an eclectic collection of shops, wineries and a gourmet cafe set amidst nine acres of garden installations created by the world's leading landscape architects."

Well, that's pretty cool.  So really, let us know what you think.

Oh, and there's a party, too.  All garden shows should start with a party.  Well done, Late Show people!


  1. Ticket prices and lunch prices seem reasonable but the distance precludes me from attending. Can’t wait for the on site report as it sounds like a great event.

  2. I am speaking there on Sunday — I hope people come for the last day. 1:00 PM, I believe. I’ll be talking about how art and permanent decorative elements can reduce pressures on resources. The theme of the show is sustainability. The question isn’t only “how to make sustainable gardens,” but how to keep gardening, itself, sustainable as a passion among the general public — now and in the future? What are your thoughts?

  3. I want to go ! I’m not even that far away, but this weekend seems to be that one weekend of the month when all the good stuff is scheduled. Will have to be content with the on-site report as I’m already overbooked…

  4. I’ve been at the show for the last few days helping with one of the exhibition garden installations.

    This is definitely not your garden variety garden show.

    It is analogous to a curated outdoor sculptural art installation exhibition with a very specific theme that is being taken seriously by all the participating artisans.

    You’re not going to see pretty fru fru gardens , instead you will be inspired by thought provoking sculptural installations that have a strong message about climate change, environmental responsibility, site specific design for drought, fire and other challenges that good landscape architecture can address through well thought out solutions.
    There are professionals there who walk the talk and you’ll see some pretty innovative sustainable practices in use as well as inspirational ways to use recycled materials.

    I took a few photographs of the preliminary set up a few days ago and posted them on my blog.
    You’re welcome to take a sneak peek.

  5. Finally!!! Someone figured out a way to make a real garden show happen. Now if we could just get them do one on both coasts.

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