Weigh in on draft of “Lawn Care We Like”



Update: Since our launch a week ago, the Lawn Reform conspirators have been encouraged by the flood of support, complete with suggested links to more good resources for our website.  But as if to highlight the need for what we’re creating, we’ve also seen a bunch of out-dated articles recommending resource-intensive practices.  Like?

Keep your lawn well-fed and well-watered – you know, an inch a week of water per week even during the summer.  Feed your lawn with bags of fertilizer product (no mention of the nonbagged alternatives).  Kill those dandelions and all that clover.  Just trade your old synthetic products for the new organic ones and you’re an organic gardener.  And so forth.So to help homeowners in their lawn management and to be up-front about the kind of lawn care advice we’d like to see everywhere (and the only kind we’ll put on our website), we’ve compiled some quickie bullet points for the busy reader.  We’d love your feedback – over here on my blog.Photo by Billy Goodnick.


  1. I just thought you’d all like to know that the Lawn Reform FaceBook group has gone from 7 members to more than 140 in the week since our launch. Do you think this might be a ripe topic??

  2. I have been reading a lot on over seeding the pre existing lawn and was thinking of using an ecology mix called “Fleur de Lawn” just wondering if anybody here has had any experience with this grass. I really like the “idea” of a blooming lawn but I hate to trade the annoying weed problems we have for something worse.

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