Blog Action Day takes on Climate Change


Today's the day that thousands of bloggers around the world are writing about climate change, then finding Bad-300-250 the links to their posts listed on the BAD website

But here at Garden Rant we've been all over this topic for years, so we'll take this opportunity to put the posts in a nice list for your perusal.


  1. I wrote an overview of the impact climate change has on Ohio gardeners. There’s alot of doubt and apathy in the area where I live and I’m hoping by keeping it simple I’ll convert one or two. I’m wondering if it will take the demise of the buckeye tree for Ohioans to wake up and feel heat.

  2. I’m just wondering when, in the Earth’s long history, the climate was not changing?

    I’m all for not polluting and using resources wisely, however, stable temperatures and rainfall are not the norm. Climate changes, it always has and always will. Some places get hotter, some get colder, some get more rainfall, some less…it’s a natural cycle.

    BTW, it’s interesting how it’s been changed from “global warming” to “climate change” since that wasn’t seeming to pan out. I’m just sayin’.

  3. @ Archie– “The term climate change is often used interchangeably with the term global warming, but according to the National Academy of Sciences, the phrase ‘climate change’ is growing in preferred use because it helps convey that there are other changes in addition to rising temperatures.” definition courtesy of the EPA. Also, I’m sure, in response to people like Greg above who say things like, “There ain’t no such thing as global warming! It was real cold here last night!” And yes, I’ve heard people say things like that and they were completely serious. “I’m just sayin’.”

    Your question, “I’m just wondering when, in the Earth’s long history, the climate was not changing?” strikes me as a bit disingenuous. Not to be nitpicky, but what do you mean by, “not changing”? Do you mean it changes as in, “It rained yesterday, but it’s sunny today.” or “One minute the planet’s an oven, and a century or two later, there’s another ice age.” or what?

  4. Well Archie in the earth’s long history human beings have only been around for a speck of time. It didn’t really matter if the climate changed and species went extinct or through hell as their environment changed around them. It matters now that we are here to feel the effects don’t ya think?

    Since climate change is not a linear warming process in a fluid oceanic and atmospheric system, a more accurate desription is in order to describe the effects of the driving force of global warming. It is a complex thought I understand, but give it a whirl. You might be able to grasp the notion.

  5. Tried to post a comment on Foy’s blog. It is very cool. (But, I’m biased because I love books and it is a book list) The books they mention are all fantastic, and I read many of them this summer. They all changed my perspective and gave me lots of info about how to change the way I EAT, which will have a big impact on my individual little environmental footprint.

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