Watch “Botany of Desire” Wednesday Oct 28 on PBS


Who else but master storyteller Michael Pollan could make evolutionary botany fascinating?  He did it in his book Botany of Desire, and does it again in a documentary of the book – airing on PBS next Wednesday 10/28 at 8 p.m. Eastern.  With the criminally articulate Pollan carrying the narrative, plus terrific visuals, you'll once again be swept away by the four plants he calls "great winners in the dance of domesticity."  All that and a cameo by our Amy!

So thanks to the filmmakers, to Public Television and to all the funders for bringing us plant-fanatics two great hours of porn.

One more thing.  The promoters of the Botany of Desire doc have made awesome use of the online gardening community, sending DVDs to bloggers and getting heaps of mention in social media, too.  Smart.


  1. at 8 p.m. Eastern.

    Oh thank god. I thought they were going to schedule it opposite “Glee,” and I was going to have to do one of those down-on-my-knees-in-the-pouring-rain-“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” scenes.

    bringing us plant-fanatics two great hours of porn

    Wait. It’s two hours long?


  2. Thanks for the tip!The Botany of Desire was a fun book to read one summer, on the beach. Just finished reading In Defense of Food as well. Look forward to this program.

  3. That book was one of my favorite reads. I have already told the wife and son that if they had TV plans that night to guess again.

  4. I Loved this book. I’m so glad you brought this program to our attention because I don’t usually watch much tv. The description of Pollan as “criminally articulate” is wonderful.

  5. This is very exciting news.
    I loved that book when I read it.
    Still sits on the coffee table.
    I’ve now e-mailed half the Horticultural Society of Maryland to watch this. Thanks for the heads-up.

  6. Saw a video clip on the computer showcasing the upcoming show and it looked very intriguing.
    Amy was great and so was Michael Pollan.
    I hope I can find a way to see it on the computer or will have to bribe one of my neighbors with a bottle of wine to watch it on their TV.

  7. Can. Not. Wait.

    mr subjunctive : you can watch Glee online @\glee – fewer commercials & you can rewind if you miss something good (or just have to see that dance number again, like I often do !)

    As a safeguard I’m asking my in-laws to Tivo “Botany”, too ( we’re still in the TV Stone Age). Who knows ? Maybe it’ll inspire them to even watch it !

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