The Daily Green’s Top Cities for Urban Gardens – did they just make it up?


Carol300 The Daily Green's post about the 10 U.S. cities with the most "urban gardens" is sure interesting, especially if you happen to know something about any of the cities mentioned.  The headline says it's based on the most community gardens per capita, so how about a citation for that?

See, here's why we're skeptical – because the entry about Washington, D.C. – listed as 9th in the U.S. – is totally wrong.

  • As commenter Ed Bruske wrote, the garden you highlight isn't even in D.C. – it's in Riverdale, Maryland.
  • The "program blog" you say the garden puts out doesn't exist.  The blog post linked to is from the DC Urban Gardeners blog, it was written by me, and the photo is mine, too.  As I said in a comment on your article, there's no connection between the DC Urban Gardeners and the Master Peace Garden in Maryland. 

Pretty sloppy.  And Daily Green, do you actually have a source for that list of yours?

Photo of Master Peace Garden by yours truly.


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