I’m Watching Shirley’s Garden World Report


Quick hat-tip to Shirley Bovshow for bringing us the coolest new thing online in the gardening world – her weekly Garden World Report.  Started seemingly spontaneously at the garden writers event in Raleigh last month, the report's audience is growing fast and the show is becoming a Must-See for many in the gardening world, including this blogger.  Featured every week are real-world garden experts from around the world via short videos sent to Shirley for her to edit and incorporate into the show.  

In addition to this weekly news-and-features show, Shirley's already working on spin-off, stand-along shows – because apparently she doesn't require sleep.   I frankly can't figure out how she works the hours she does and manages to be so darn cheerful on-camera, though I suspect the answer isn't that she takes uppers but something about a naturally positive disposition that frankly, if they could bottle it I'd buy it.  She's a wonderful host.

The episode below covers young gardeners from the U.S. and England and lots more.


  1. Not only is Shirley a relentless creative innovator, she’s also such a JOY to work with.

    I’ve done a couple of quick segments for her (trying to find time for more!), and she is just about one of the best teachers out there, in terms of coaching someone about how to write, shoot and edit their own piece.

    She makes me feel like a little gem, and that is such a confidence booster.


  2. Hi Susan.
    Thanks for the wonderful plug! The last few weeks have been a blur since launching the “live” show at the Garden Writers convention in NC. I have 5 days to cast, produce, shoot, edit and coordinate the contributer videos. Then I shoot all the introductions on Sunday morning, edit the rest of the day and post a new show at night!

    What did I get myself into?

    Now I can’t stop because there are so many viewers. Thanks guys.

    No, I’m not on uppers but I do peddle on my recumbent bike all 10 to 14 hours that I work at my desk putting the weekly show together. “Blogger’s Butt Boot Camp!”

    I am thrilled to be working with some of the most talented gardeners around. Thanks for being a “charter guest” on GWReport, you will have to appear again with a special message.

    Anyone have a special event, news or an interesting contribution? Let me know you may be on Garden World Report next!

    I appreciate all the support I can get for the show. Will be seeking sponsorships soon so that I can hire some help!

    The gardening world deserves to be heard! I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting this wonderful group.

    Shirley Bovshow

  3. I want my high speed internet!! I am so screwed with this Hughes satellite crap. I was punished for watching a few videos, ie they slow me down to dial up speed. Didn’t Obama promise an infrastructure upgrade including rural highspeed access?

  4. Shirley is adorable….and love what she is doing. Only one sad thing. I cannot watch the Victory Garden with an Aussie host. Sorry. Was sad to be reminded of what I consider a true slap in the face to our great American media people without jobs or enough work. With all our fabulous American garden people–and you’ve just introduced me to a truly terrific American GP–it just hurts that PBS went foreign on us.

    Sorry for the digression…Shirley: You Rock!

  5. Thanks Michelle and Katie for the (green) thumb’s up!

    Christopher- I’m on the West Coast but the show will cover gardeners an gardens from all over the country and all over the world!

    Vicki- I agree that some of the best gardening talent in America has been overlooked. This is the purpose of my Garden World Report show- I want to create a platform for all of the experts and passionate gardeners we have in the USA!

    I invite your suggestions for future shows.

  6. Shirley,

    Great show! You’ve covered a lot of gardening topics and gardeners in just a short amount of time, but without rushing anyone.

    Let me know when you come to Florida!

  7. Hey Commonweeder= thanks for the follow on Facebook. Appreciate the support.

    Ginny- thanks for letting me know that it didn’t feel rushed.It’s a fine line between keeping the show moving along (for the web) and not rushing things – especially gardens!

    I will certainly look you up when I come to Florida!

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