I’m with Elizabeth


The weather this year in upstate New York has been complete mess and confusion.  And Elizabeth and I are clearly not the only ones who think so.  This oriental poppy, a June bloomer, has decided to venture something new–a mid-October spurt of blooms–just in time for a weather forecast that includes snow…


  1. I hear thing are weird on the east coast… Seattle has been weirdly warm and sunny! Except for today- it finally feels like the good old seattle- cold, wet, gross 🙂

  2. Minnesota has had the same weather….snow on and off for 2 weeks. But my chipmunks are still running around and some blooms on late perennials.

    Do you think that nature is telling us that there is a warm November on the horizon???

  3. In and around Seattle I’ve been seeing more and more Hamamelis mollis blooming mid-summer instead of mid-winter as they usually do/did. This isn’t a second, off-season bloom on these plants. It is THE only flowering they’re putting on. Go figure?!

  4. Well, this year may have been odd, but though my tomatoes didn’t like it, I LOVED the cool wet summer, and early fall here (mid-Michigan) was incredibly gorgeous. Cool lately, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

  5. … and rhodendrons too! Very strange, especially today with a high of 43 degrees! Had to get out the electric mattress pad and the floofy comforter. The rain’s nice though.

  6. No unusual blossoms, but 25 degrees below average(Kansas City) and we haven’t seen the sun in nearly 2 weeks, seriously!

  7. I have volunteer tomatoes sproinging up everywhere! What do they think is going to happen?? Sure i live in Austin, TX – but I’m parettyyy sure that they have no chance at success this late in the season.

  8. Last week in Indy, a whole roadside of chicory was in bloom. Lovely, but it’s usually a sign of the 4th of July around here, with the heat of August forcing it dormant. We didn’t get the heat of August–August happened in mid-June this year– and now we’ve been having November since mid-September and are now in mid-December, so no wonder the poor things got confused…

  9. Here in Chocolate Town Pa my Dwarf Cherry Tree that was hanging on for dear life most of the summer started to bloom and push new leafs.Wonder how that is going to survive the winter.

  10. I just recently added a similar post to my blog about a yellow daylilly blooming in October. Poor thing, I felt bad that there was no-one around to tickle her fancy.

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