Sustainable Gardening News October ’09


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In Your Garden Now

  • Here's "What to do with your Leaves", including a plug for leafmold, and Lee Reich loves leafmold, too.
  • And October really is the best time to plant trees, shrubs and (most) perennials here in Zone 7.

On the Sustainable Gardening Blog

In My Garden

  • Ew, that's ugly!  But
    the chain-link fence around my front yard is GONE at last, and the
    English ivy hiding it, too.  Sorry I can't show you the new fence yet,
    but even this is almost too much excitement for me.  Not kidding.
  • In
    plant news, I brought back some yummy freebies from the garden writers
    "swagathon": 'Blue Chip' Buddleias, 'Kaleidescope' Abelias, ajugas (no
    label), dwarf crapemyrtles 'Berry Dazzle' and 'Sweetheart Dazzle', and
    some 'Heavenly Scent' gardenias.  Plus Cowpots and a big bottle of
    Liquid Fence for my new deer problem (about which I'm trying not to
    whine too much.)


  1. My brother told me about Blue Chip buddleias in May. I planted two in June. I have enjoyed them and I am sure you will. They are performing as advertised: ceaseless blooming without deadheading; compact full bushy shape about 2 ft x 2 ft and vivid purple color. They are still blooming like it is summer.

  2. Please someone take the chain link. I live too far to grab it for a client. Are you using it somewhere else?

    It’s perfect for attaching tool bouquets to brick, wood etc…..

    The posts are great in a vegetable garden with brown twine and pole beans.

    Congrats on the work!! Have taken pics of my debris piles for years. Anyone else??

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. It looked short and dumpy in the photos but someone said it was cool and after getting tested it’s not very good. Blue Chips butterfly bush is a Proven Winer scam.

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