New Magazine Urban Farm is Awesome



Definitely a sign of the times, Urban Farm is on the stands and it's incredibly well done. Using my time-tested dog-ear test for magazines, let's see what what pages I turned down in hopes that I'll remember to go back and read the article:

  • "Sustainable living".
  • Chicks and goats in the city.
  • "Where Urban Meets Farm".
  • "Lawn be gone", of course.
  • The article on growing vegetables in containers by P. Allen Smith is terrific (so proclaims the new expert on this subject).
  • Community gardens.

Plus beekeeping in the 'burbs, goats in the city, an urban farm school, hiring a professional vegetable gardener, urban recycling, and preserving your harvest.

Seriously, check out Urban Farm.  


  1. Thanks, Susan. I’ll be looking for this one. After seeing your lush containers, I can’t wait to read what P. Allen has to say. Thanks for highlighting this magazine.

  2. I have about given up on garden mags. Picked up Organic Garden for the first time in years and was not impressed. I will give this one a try.

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