Urban Gardening in Saigon



This article could easily be about gardening in any city in the U.S. (the site of all trends worth tracking, right?)  It's got impact on kids, organic, avoiding pesticides – the whole shebang.  Something we don't see here is growing edibles hydroponically, making me wonder if that's where we're headed.

This bit shows the impact of the good ole Internet:

accidentally learned from Internet that everyone can grow sprout
vegetable at their homes with simple tools and I decided to grow
vegetables myself. The health of my child is the most important thing
for me now.

And this one shatters our usual assumptions about who gardens.  Would you believe male office workers?  

director of a company specializing in providing sprout vegetable seeds
revealed that urban gardening is a growing trend. He told a Tuoi Tre
reporter that his main clients are educated and many are office
workers, accounting for 80 percent of total clients. Most of them are
male, aged above 30.


  1. We have been having a discussion on this very subject at my blog, The Blogging Nurseryman. It started last year with this post on July 8, 2008 http://thegoldengecko.com/blog/?p=572

    Just this last week I also published two more posts on bringing hydroponics into the mainstream. http://thegoldengecko.com/blog/?p=807
    and here http://thegoldengecko.com/blog/?p=808

    As the comments attest, we have a way to go here in the USA when it comes to bringing hydroponics out of the warehouses that currently sell hydroponics, and into the mainstream retail garden center setting.

  2. Interesting.
    I’ve never seen or worked in a hydroponic garden in the outdoors, they have always been inside and the set up is fairly expensive due to the air circulation and lighting equipment require for indoor use.
    I can imagine how an outdoor hydroponic system would be advantageous in a country like Vietnam, where their outdoor climate temperature and humidity feels like a greenhouse most of the year and their native soil has a history of horrible herbicide and pesticide use.

    There is a hydroponic store right down the street from where I live. It’s a great little shop but the only people you see in there are the cannabis growers, and they sure are a happy group of smiling people.

  3. Hydroponics is the next big wave in “GOTTA HAVE IT” gardening. Although this will last when everyone sees the results. Currenlt I have a 10×10 grow room in the basment full of LEGAL herbs!
    Nothing like fresh thyme and basil in late October

    The TROLL

  4. Saigon probably has a climate set up for this. This is cool that farmer’s figured it out.
    I’m not gonna sell expensive hydroponics. Not when I got good ground or a cheap bag of earth.

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