What I want for Christmas – a wearable hummingbird feeder


REALLY want one.  And if nobody gives it to me I might just spring for the $80 myself.


  1. I have a very cool shrub from South America called Iochroma planted directly next to my front entry doorway.
    It is a hummingbird magnate.
    There is always hummingbird activity around it , including nests and baby hummers.
    Because of the proximity of the Iochroma to my front door I occasionally get a few hummers checking out my living room.
    Cool little creatures but really quite challenging to capture to bring back out doors.

  2. I would never want such an item… I enjoy seeing hummingbirds sip real nectar (which is filled with vitamins etc.) from flowers. You can receive a far better experience from holding fresh flowers up… I have done so and had hummers come and sip from the flowers in my hand. There is a word for this sort of thing … the head feeder but I cannot think of it… another way to control and manipulate in an artificial way. Sorry but that is how I see it. Each to their own. I could see the use of such a thing in emergencies.

  3. Awe geez – it’s not like anyone is going to sit for years and years on end bringing hummies to an end. I do believe that hummingbirds are the most contakerous and brave birds out there. They fight over feeders and flowers alike.

    I had the opportunity to watch one bath on a banana plant leaf this spring and we have retrieved them from the garage almost ready to pass out and fed them sugar water just to revive them and let them go. They will become accustomed to a person and actually land in hands for those with patience.

    Unless you are living in a cave au natural, all humans manipulate the world around them for our homes – our very artificial residences. And if you have ever seen hummers get angry over missing feeders, you know that they have a way to manipulated us humans.

    If that headgear had a fly swatter on it for killing the little buggers, maybe I’d find them offensive – but if it gets anyone interested in something besides computer games and twittering – it’s a winner.

  4. As Chris noticed, hummingbirds will look you in the eye, and their prop wash is considerable for their size. You can learn these things by putting up a standard feeder and just standing still beside it. Hummingbirds are fearless.

    Flower nectar has no vitamins to speak of– hummingbirds get their nutrition from the insects they catch. The carbohydrates from sugar water, nectar, even tree sap, just fuels their flight muscles for the hunt.

  5. Terrific!
    I can never get enough of these little jewels; what a treat to see the close-ups.

    Thanks, Susan for sharing this with us.

  6. I want one!!!! How totally awesome would it be to sit in my garden and be able to see one up close like that!

    Gotta show my hubby so Santa can bring it. 🙂

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