World’s Worst Cooperative Extension Service


It's in DC, of course.

This week I saw the big public kick-off/press conference for a BIG SUPPORt for community gardens in DC.  Whole Foods chipped in $25K for supplies and plants for community gardens at 56 rec centers across DC.  Big lovefest between the mayor, Whole Foods, the Department of Parks and Recreation. 

So the garden writers there are asking: who's going to GARDEn these gardens.  Well, mark Smallwood, WHolefoods' coach, will do some training (??)  Americorps NCCC teams willl install the gardens.  The question remains: who's taking care of them, overseeing the gardeners, the garden's oeprations?  Press release says, "Recreation staff along with youth and seniors with in each community are encouraged to maintain the gardens throughout the year."  OH YEAH?   2 beehives in every ward. 

And who's teaching people to garden? 

"This program is being supported in part by organizations including the U of the DC, Greater DC Cares, Student Conservation Corps, America the beautiful, ROoting DC, etc.

How about DC's Master Gardeners?  No, theuy're not allowed.   Etc.

Fenty says this is the "largest doncation of its kind in the couitnry."  ?

Mayor said UDC is providing "professional develo;ment and enviornmental education."  Oh, who's doing that?  Say more!  So I'm directed to the UDC person there – press person Mary Farrah – and I ask her who'll be doing the training, treaching:  she and Kelly Melstead (of DPR).  So from UDC, it's their press person?  No MGs?  No Extension Agent?  BULLSHIT>

At DPW: Erin Estopa intiiated, bullied everyone together.  Like Pittsburgh and B'more.

At UDC – same dean.  No hope.