The Ellis Hollow Bloom Day Calendar

The Year at Ellis Hollow calendar
The Year at Ellis Hollow by cdcramer

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Wow.  This is a totally lovely calendar of Bloom Day images from Craig at Ellis Hollow. While I've always admired Craig's Bloom Day scans, I have to say that they made a totally different impact on me when I browsed the calendar. Click the image above to check it out on Zazzle. (Hint: make this easy on yourself by using Design view and the magnifying glass.) 

Really, they're incredible.  Where's the coffee table book, Craig?


  1. The calendar is awesome. Thanks to Craig for the great photos and to Amy for sharing this with us!

    Craig, I hope you post about the quality of the calendar when you get it – I’m considering making one of these for some of my family. thanks!

  2. Marlene: Saw my first copies today. The paper is nice and glossy and the print quality is good. The only flaws are mine — pollen on the scanner bed. But that just adds to the authenticity. ;-7

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