US Botanic Garden’s White House Gets an Upgrade


You East Coast people and your tiny-buildings-made-of-plant-materials fixation. First there's the New York Botanic Garden's holiday train show, with its ever-growing collection of New York landmarks made of plans, and now the US Botanic Garden announces that the White House in its garden train exhibit will get a couple of additions:  a little tiny swingset and a little tiny vegetable garden.

Awesome.  Via Baltimore Sun.

And wait, there's more–the Chicago Botanic Garden also has a replica of the Obama's Chicago home, reportedly made of white pine bark and catalpa beans.

And in case you're thinking that people all over the country just suddenly started making miniature buildings out of leaves and seeds, wrong.  It all comes from this guy Paul Busse's company Applied Imagination.

I'm totally fascinated by this stuff. I don't know why we don't have anything like this on the West Coast.  Check out this video of New York's exhibit.


  1. Last time I was at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park they had a little room with a train set running through mini SF landmarks made out of things like computer keys. I think Chinatown was made out of mah jong tiles. Not plant parts, I know, but they were pretty cute and very well-done.

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