Baseball’s pact with the devil Scotts – and a gorgeous lawn replacement



Still more lawn stories are flying into my inbox – just today!  First there was Paul Tukey urging us all to pay attention to the deal that Scotts has made with Major League Baseball, and his suggestion that a boycott is in order!  I'll just send you to Paul's blog post about it for the gory details.

And on a happier note, garden writer Julie Shapiro sentJulie2 yr old Bio-Lawn Macro me this photo of her mixed-species lawn, more photos from a distance, and all the meaty details, which I've posted over on my blog.


  1. I don’t think I’ll be boycotting the Sox – even if I could afford a ticket (and I didn’t read where Tukey suggested that – was it selective dyslexia?) but am all for boycotting the devil (I mean Scotts). Thank you for posting Julie Shapiro’s lawn mix – it’s so beautiful!

  2. I would like to see a side by side test case of athletic lawns, one with conventional fertilizers, fungicides and weed killers, and one using more natural methods, such as corn gluten for weed suppressant, 50-50 milk/water for fungicide (I mean milk at $3/gal is cheaper than some of these fungicides price at per gallon, and watered down is $1.50/gal), and cotton seed, alfalfa meal, molasses and urea for fertilizer. The grass should be trod/played upon, mowed frequently and what other use and abuse would constitute usual wear and tear.

    I think a good side by side comparison with a blind test by professional athletes would prove if these methods are worth pursuing.

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