Brits afraid of gardening?


This story in the U.K.'s Telegraph got my attention, starting with the headline: Alan-thumb

"British society is frightened of gardening, says Alan Titchmarsh." 

Here they quote Sir Titchmarsh* himself:

But generations of sitting in offices rather than working on the land means
that people have become frightened of battling the elements or waiting for
something to grow. Children are so used to meals from packets they do not
know where vegetables come from. We have lost the skills of gardening that were always in us.

Crap, they're no different from us.

But wait, there's this:

And Mr Titchmarsh, who was once voted as the sexiest man on television after
George Clooney, insisted gardening skills can even make you sexy.

Okay, whew.  There IS still a difference between us – coz there's no way Brad Pit would lose out to even the sexiest of gardening guys – even Joe Lamp'l!

*What, Titchmarsh hasn't been knighted yet?


  1. Well Alicia Silverstone and Woody Harrelson apparently enjoy gardening nude (just google it), so America is certainly in the running if this is a competition!

  2. He’s right about people being distanced from the land, but the average British person is a city dweller and has a different experience when it comes to the amount and type of land available for gardening. It’s still Britain’s one of most popular hobbies though, ask anyone on a waiting list for an allotment. I wouldn’t so much call them afraid of gardening, just underexposed. You’ll find plenty of people underexposed to gardens in any city in the world.

  3. Well, if the average Briton is going to compare him or herself against what can be seen at the Chelsea or Hampton Court Flower Shows, of course they are going to think that they must have an insurmountable task of reaching that level of perfection.

  4. When I visited England I was shocked by how much the average person in a pub new about gardening. They talked about plants using their scientific name and discussed the best annual combinations for sun and how to get rid of that damn hedera helix ‘thorndale’. Even through I have a degree in horticulture I felt like they knew more. Culturally the average Britan seemed much more garden fluent than the average American I’ve met.

  5. I lived in London for awhile and there’s definitely not a lot of gardening going on where I lived. Though to be fair I was working in a very “office building” part of town and there was only one little park…

    Plus it was winter.

  6. My inbox is slammed and my server locked me out yesterday. Why, cause I posted about the sexy Joe Lamp’l and a 1,000 people dropped by to see me. I’ve got a brand new website that’s been puttering along at about 50 folks a day until Joe showed up. Now I’m pretty popular even though Alan would’t give me the time of day when I begged him to fav me on facebook–wouldn’t even acknowledge I was a fan. But Joe!!! He invited me in to his home and wined and dined me with a special meal prepared by Nathan Lyon. Nobody is asking me for Alan’s number..nope–I don’t even have a link for Alan on my website cause he has no clue who flowergardengirl is and I look good for 51. I probably would of given him a glance or two had he been as cool as Joe. Joe–you my man babes…and you a NC boy to boot. Alan honey–check your facebook inbox 😉 Maybe a fan like me might help you a bit. I know it’s helping Joe.

  7. I have been swooning over Joe Lamp’l for a few years now and decided to make it known on facebook – I was SO happy to discover that I am NOT ALONE!
    Gardening is SEXY! And so is JOE!
    And sorry, but Brad Pitt rates way far down on my list – pretty boy faces do nothing for me – while a man who gardens with integrity and generosity of spirit AND looks like a cross between Noah Wylie and Mark Harmon?
    I love that Mr Lamp’l is emerging as a horticultural sex symbol for the 21st century!

  8. As for children thinking food comes from packets — I just had the experience of explaining to teenagers that one did not need a smoothie mix to make a smoothie. I then made them smoothies. You’d have thought I had effected world peace from the songs of praise.

    Sad, sad, sad.

    I need spring to arrive – neeeeeeeeeeed to garden.


  9. Behind the washed out blue screen behind the man in the photo there is nothing. Maybe not.
    The Brittons have historically been home to great gardens.

  10. What about Todmorden and their Incredible Edible project? That’s a village in Yorkshire where the entire landscape (public landscape) is planted with edible species.

    I’m having a hard time buying that the Brits are no longer gardening.

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