Classic gardening books free online


Some Golden Oldies of Gardening are now available for free from a couple of sites.  Just don't expect great cover art (photo right).Ancient

From Google™ Books they're downloadable in the PDF format.  If any of y'all have tried this yet, what have you found and how'd you like the format?

Another source is, in PDF and plain text. They're grouped as an "Additional Collection" under “Cook Books and Home Economics.”  (Really, home economics?  Haven't heard that term in a bunch of decades.)  Anyway, here are some of the offerings:

  • Landscape Gardening by Andrew Jackson Downing and Frank Albert Waugh
  • Old-Fashioned Gardening: A History and a Reconstruction by Grace Tabor
  • The Children’s Book of Gardening by Cecily Ullmann Sidgwick
  • American Gardens by Guy Lowell
  • Dutch Bulbs and Gardens by Una Lucy Silberrad
  • Making a Rock Garden by Henry Sherman Adams
  • The Planning and Planting of Little Gardens by George Dillstone


  1. Thanks for the links.

    Also, I love the phrase Home Economics. At my tiny school it included everything, including shopping, balancing a checkbook, all the skills of running a household. At the time I thought it was a girly class, I have since learned it was a great piece of education and I am glad they made the boys take it too.

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