The EPA’s good move on pesticides


Think that pesticide makers should be required to list not just the so-called "active ingredients" in their products but also the inert ones – like those recently found to be potentially more harmful in Roundup than the glophosate itself?  Then head on over to the EPA to tell them you support this move – that the EPA itself is now proposing.  Here's their press release with the long-overdo but still great news.

Paul Tukey's quick take on this is: "Read it closely; the EPA wants your comments. This is a great opportunity to overturn a decades-long travesty."  Thanks to Paul for keeping us posted about this and really, all news related to pesticides.  Like:

  • And one questionable move by the EPA in the past – approving a pesticide that seems to be killing bees – has recently been overturn in court, thanks to a suit brought by the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Here's the NRDC's press release about it.

I've subscribed to Paul's Safe Lawns Blog and recommend it for news and some ranting, too.


  1. While this is a step in the right direction I can’t help but want even more information on the decline of bees. This is a serious situation and requires vigilance on all counts.

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