Horticulture and Haiti


I've had a hard time getting this link to Grower Talks to work consistently, so I'll quote from it at some length as well:

Just before Christmas I wrote about
the untimely death of Tom Van Wingerden. I mentioned that donations
could be made to a charity in Haiti
called Double Harvest founded by Tom’s father, the late Aart Van
Wingerden. It's a 200-acre mission project that includes a 500-student
school, a medical/surgical clinic (pictured before the quake), church,
tilapia farm and greenhouse.

Now, just a few weeks later, that charity has been called upon to do life-saving work like never before.

As soon as news of the earthquake hit, six Van Wingerdens—John (Green
Circle Growers), Arie (Cherry Creek Systems), Nick (Mid-American
Growers), Joe (Prins USA) and Bob and his son Joey (Catoctin Mountain Growers) flew to the Dominican Republic, then drove across the border into Haiti to Double Harvest.

Because Double Harvest has good infrastructure, it's one of the few places with clean water.  It's working on distributing water, and fresh fish from its tilapia farm. They're also busy providing medical supplies.

To find out more about them or make a donation, visit their website.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I saw the note about Tom Van Wingerden in December and saw it again just yesterday. It’s a great charity and a crucial moment to donate!

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