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January 2010


GardenRant edition.  The whole newsletter is here.

Urban Gardening on the Web

Sustainable Gardening on the Web

  • Are Natives the Answer? asks Garden Prof Bert Cregg.  His own answer is: "Not necessarily." Provocative stuff!
  • Are your spring bulbs coming up already?  Not to worry, says gardening educator Gene Sumi.


Garden Travels for Garden Bloggers

I'm pretty excited about the garden-related trips I'll be taking this year, first to Long Island to visit Suzy Bales with a day trip to the NY Botanic Garden in the spring.  I'm also determined to see Colston Burrell's garden sometime this spring – almost whether he invites me or not.

Of course I wouldn't miss the super-fun Blogger Meet-up in Buffalo, cleverly called Buffa10. I mean good Lord, have you seen the website that Jim and Elizabeth put together or received their e-newsletters?  This event will be truly awesome, and I'm lobbying for some dancing this year! 

Then the GardenRanters are talking to garden centers at their shinding in Chicago.  I'm also pondering a trip to the Boston area, and still undecided on going to Dallas for the Garden Writers conference.

So garden writers online or off, what 2010 travel plans are getting you through the winter?


  1. Our community gardens in Sacramento are coming together nicely.

    Several owners of vacant lots have allowed area residents to plant gardens.

    Considering we have a 14% unemployment rate in Sacramento, people are trying to help each other out in any way they can.

    Even people who have jobs are being asked to take furloughs.

    That means a cut in pay for many families of as much as $500 per month if two people are State employees, a very common situation in this town.

    So many people end up at the end of the month in normal times with perhaps a couple hundred dollars to save, when paychecks take a $500 hit, it gets to be a serious situation.

    Gardening helps all the time, but especially now.

  2. Winter is mostly consumed with new house/new garden issues but my limited spare time is spent planning trips to Philadelphia to work at the flower show and to go to Dallas for GWA in September. I was thinking of going somewhere else but I landed two projects from the GWA meeting in Raleigh so I’ll give it one more try.

  3. That is a great website for Buffa10 Fling and what a logo! The bar was set pretty high with the previous flings and Eliz and Jim and whoever else is organizing have certainly done a great job. Can’t wait and only wish I could go to SF.

  4. Of course the Buffa thing had to be on those dates…arghhhhhh. I just agreed to be on our Master Gardener tour, on July 10. I have waffled for so long, if only I had seen that, I would have defected in a moment! How can I get on the list for info on 2011?

  5. HEY! You DO NOT want to miss the GWA symposium in Dallas in September. I can vouch personally for the interestig gardens the local committee has lined up. I’ve written about some of them. They will range from estate gardens to hand-made gardens, including some very quirky ones. Plus, we Texans know how to throw a party! Food and drink will be delish and plentiful. Of course, it is likely to be hotter than hell in early September (the board ignored our earnest pleas to change the date), but you’ll be indoors in the afternoons. Don’t hesitate. It will be crazy fun.

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