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I am webmaster of a new gardening
resources blog and have recently been sent an article regarding the feminisation
of the garden shed:


My bloggers and I make up a team
of gardeners and landscapers, using popular and resourceful blogs such as yours
for motivation and inspiration during these early stages of our blog.


If you find the article
interesting and relevant, please feel free to comment on it or post a response
to the article on your blog. We are based in the UK and I’m sure
Jimmy, the author, would love to know if you are noticing the same trend in DC.


thanks, Daniel

Are you KIDDING?  That's exactly the type of anonymous
garden blog with no About page and the so-called "about" info on the home page
says absolutely  nothing that I rant about.  S


Hi Susan,

I thought you and your blog readers might be interested that
Safer Brand is social now. Here are the links to all the great tips, discounts
and more. Do you think you could check it out and see if your readers might be
interested? That would be great. Thanks so much!

From Jenna Batchelor

I wrote: 'm really confused
about the blog and there's no About info.  Who's it by? What's the connection
with Safer?  Etc.

If you look on the right hand
side underneath William Moss’ information you will see a view bio link. That
will explain who is the master gardener who is the main writer. As for the other
writing contributors those are listed below William Moss’ information as well. 

ME: Seh's a contributor and her n ame isn't below Wm Moss's.  And note – no answer to the qu about Safer.  I called for transparency, said it was mandatory for to anything I recommend.


I’m not a contributor, I run the
social media sites for Safer. Safer is sponsoring the blog and has many educated
featured contributors but it is an open forum as well being that people may
contribute a post for Safer’s review.


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