Canada bans weed-and-feed products nationwide


Paul Tukey sent us the news in a comment, but it's important enough to upgrade to a post of its own.


  1. I understand and fully support the limit of all chemical use, clean drinking water is too precious a resource. But I also worry because in this region we have an abundance of introduced non-native plants that are pretty much impossible to get rid out without the use of chemicals. The one that comes to mind was brought in on a hurricane and was not accidentally or intentionally released by humans. I’m talking about Japanese Stiltgrass – Microstegium vimineum which some believe came in as packing material but our local experts think really got here on storm winds.

  2. There are benefits to living in Canada. Not only do we have cradle-to-grave health protection for all citizens, but also all three levels of government do their best to protect us from toxic poisoning. The municipality in which I live uses commercial grade vinegar to kill unwanted vegetation. We may be cold in winter but we are getting greener every summer.

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