Update–the chicks are here!


Update Friday noon: Meet the chicks!  They arrived at the feed store this morning, healthy and happy, and they are now making themselves comfortable in our downstairs bathroom.  The blonde is a Buff Orpington and the other one is a Ameraucana, the kind that lays blue or green eggs (we won't know which until she starts laying.)

As some of you may know, we name our hens after First Ladies.  We already have an Eleanor, Abigail, Dolley, and Bess.  I think the Buff Orpington will be Lady Bird.  Any suggestions for the Ameraucana?

Day one

Here they are in their new home.  The only things you need to know about Day One is that it's pretty important to monitor their temperature to make sure they are at a chick-friendly 95 degrees, and you do need to make sure they are eating and drinking.  We dipped their beaks into their water a couple times, and they took right to it.  Eating was no problem — after about half an hour they had that all figured out.

Here they are in their new home–and below that is a photo of one of our chicks from 3 years ago, the last time we did this.  OK, tune in Wednesday for the next update!


Cute chick

I promised I'd post a photo later today when our chicks arrived.  Well, they're not getting here until tomorrow morning.  Here's a picture from three years ago, last time we raised chicks, to tide you over. More chick news when I have it.


  1. What a beautiful little creature this chick is.

    Sometimes I think that Nature is the only entity that really has its act together.


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  2. What about Letitia aka Lizzie, for President Tyler’s wife?

    Name her Ellen or Edith and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

  3. Presidents wives are treated like chickens. Michelle, peck. peck. and peck some more.
    Stop the chicken torture. My chickens got it going on but stupid asses paying money for permits and costly cages just to have eggs can get them eggs for 2 bucks a dozen anywhere.

  4. Michelle, especially if she’s laying blue eggs.

    We have Ameraucanas, Cochin bantams, and guineas. Love the fresh eggs and their funny antics.

  5. I like Mamie. But it would be remiss to not also suggest Jacqueline! Especially with such a fashionable-looking bird.

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