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  1. Re: certifying hydroponics or aquaponcis as organic…why not? In hydro, growers are hooking up aerated organic compost tea brewers and beneficial microbes are growing in the nutrient tank and in the root zone. In aquaponics, organic fish wastes are used to feed the plants (also growing a team of microbes in the root zone) and clean, “polished” water is recycled back to the fish. Both methods use less water than soil growing and nitrate/nitrite pollution of the aquifer is almost nil. So it is really a more sustainable way to grow plants. I grow organic in soil but some organic growers are way too rigid.
    Many people have a bad connotation of hydroponics because the news media reports make it seem only cannabis can grow in hydro. Maybe that is why the o.g. folks want to discriminate against hydro/aqua.

  2. Hydroponics should be banned if it costs more to produce a good crop that way.
    The last of the food stores pre Safeway & Sam Walton’s kids toy Walmart store have 6 inch beefstakes slightly green. Only 99 cents a lb.
    I asked the produce gal at Safeway about the pokey holes in their tomatoes but she probably would have gotten fired for telling me.
    In the dead of winter I taste the best tomato ever.

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