Santa Rosa Front Yard Gardens


I'm staying with my parents in Santa Rosa, CA this week.  They live in a lovely neighborhood of bungalows and Victorians.  Every time I visit I see more and more front yard gardens. Many of them have small back yards that are quite shaded over, making the front yard the obvious choice for everything from fruit trees to tomatoes to sun-loving perennials like lavender.  On some streets every front yard is garden or in the process of being converted to garden.  Please excuse the iPhone photo quality, but this will give you an idea of what people are up to.

New front yard garden going in:

Front yard in progress

An established garden.  Most are a mix of ornamental grasses and perennials. This photo doesn't really do them justice, but they are all quite lovely.

Front yard

I just love this soft feather grass in the hell strip.



  1. Enjoy the hood.
    If you have a chance while you are in town check out Emerisa Nursery, home of the 4 inch potted perennial.
    Cottage Garden Growers and Baker Creek seed store is just down the road by a few miles.
    If you’re into succulents check out Lone Pine Nursery.
    This area of N.Cal. is loaded with great nurseries.

  2. I’m a front yard gardener and I love it. Coming home to that sight makes all the sweat and tears worth it!

    Beautiful grasses, great use of the hell strip.

  3. Love it love it love it! Only a few so far on my street but the movement is catching on. Santa Rosa is beautiful, I’m always jealous of what those Bay area gardeners can grow…

  4. Great concept..what better way to meet your neighbor than in a front yard garden. Kind of looks like a continous sidewalk cafe’. Would make a great back drop for a progressive dinner….

    The TROLL

  5. Oh yes, a progressive dinner down that street would be wonderful. You could do a pick your own salad at one!

  6. I would not want to try to get out of a parked car on the passenger side where the feather grass is planted in the devil strip. Other than that, way cool.

  7. I love Mexican Feather Grass but we are quickly learning that it is quite invasive up here in NorCal. I’ve actually stopped using it on my projects, which is a bummer because I love the way it looks. Santa Rosa must be fortunate as many other cities around here won’t allow you to grow food in your front yard.

  8. Your pictures are reminding me of the lovely Luther Burbank home in Santa Rosa. Depending upon how you view it, it has gardens all around and I just love to visit there! It is so inspirational.

  9. One thing I will NEVER plant again – Berkeley Sedge. That thing has reseeded itself EVERYWHERE! Caveat Hortior – gardener beware.

  10. I own a backyard and I enjoy much in decorating when summer is here. I usually mix with outdoor furniture such as benches, porch swing & flowers when comes to designing my backyard. (More privacy & comfort space)

    For frontyard, since privacy is an issue, I would usually go with just flowers & shrubs deco.

    Jay Chua

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