The Chicken Chronicles, Week Eight


Go here for last week's report.

Amy and dolley

Here I am with Dolley, the troublemaker.  She's definitely the dominant hen (can you tell?) and she's the one who has not quite pecked the peeps yet, but has definitely reared up and flapped her wings and raised her ruff as if she intended to peck them. But she's actually very sweet and sat in my lap for about ten minutes the other day for no reason at all (usually it takes food to get them to sit still like this.)

Our chicks are definitely ready to go outside.  We are beginning week 8 and technically they should stay inside until the end of week 8, but they are chomping at the bit–knocking over their water and food dishes, cheeping constantly, etc.  The only question is, are we ready for them to go outside? I'm about to go out of town and my husband is at the bookstore all day, which means that the peeps either have to stay in their small bathtub home all day or go outside and be cooped up with the hens all day.  There's not much of a transitional option where I just bring them outside for longer and longer periods of time each day–because I won't be around to do it.

Anyway. They have successfully made it to near-adulthood. I'll post more when I return.  Thanks for following along.  Meanwhile, if you're in any of these places, maybe I'll see you soon? I'll try to post some photos from the road.

Saturday, April 10
State Flower & Garden Show

Sacramento, CA

Wednesday, April 14 6 pm
A special event at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds– Seed Bank
Sponsored by Copperfied's Books
Petaluma, CA

Thursday, April 15 7 pm
The Bone Room
Berkeley, CA

Friday, April 16 6:30 pm
Gallery Bookshop
Mendocino, CA

April 18-20
Lake Austin Spa's Gardening for Life Week
Austin, TX


  1. They grow up so fast (sniff, sniff)!

    I’m hoping I get to the California State Flower & Garden Show to see you. Was going anyway (on Friday, I planned), but after I heard you would be there, decided to go Saturday instead.

  2. I noticed the sign in the Seed Bank in Petaluma that you were visiting last week. Unfortunately I actually don’t live all that close to Petaluma (was only there to go to a wholesale nursery for a client) and I have to work at my regular job on Wednesday. Otherwise I’d be all over it.

  3. I moved my 4 chicks outside at 5 1/2 weeks. They are in a covered pen with lots of straw and the ever-on heat lamp. They have been very happy. They are 7 weeks old now, still have the heat lamp because it has been a chilly Sac. spring. Next week we hope to have their new coop & pen done. Sure do hope they are all girls! LOL

  4. I love chickens and am so so so jealous of yours. love the blog and pics tho – am living vicariously thru u . can you create a chicken only blog or twitter? Wishing I moved to an area where i could hve chickens…

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