At Chelsea, the winners are gardens with purpose


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Via Treehugger:  What’s happening at Chelsea is a  complete 180 from the frou-frou image of flowers shows.  Judges gave the gold to a Rainforest Garden set in Carmeroon, designed by four women indigenous to the the disappearing forests.  The silver went to an urban garden that’s improving the lives of people in the community.


  1. I’m sorry, but the Carmeroon rainforest “garden” was more an anthropology exhibit than a show garden. It didn’t merit a gold. It is very important to promote causes that improve people’s lives, especially when theses causes promote agriculture and ecology, but show gardens at Chelsea shouldn’t be the forum for that. The show gardens are supposed to present the forefront of design in the garden, and I’m sorry, but garden designers aren’t going to find that their clients clamoring to install banana leaf huts in their allotments. Garden design is art, and art is subjective, but it must withstand criticism. Comparing this garden to others who received the gold, it appears that the judges are merely posturing for PR.

  2. I’ve been repelled in recent years by Chelsea show gardens and the kind of fashion-victim “art” they merchandise to social climbers. This kind of change seems long overdue. Thank you. Besides, the uppah crust and their minions have plenty of other venues to show off for each other.

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