Blooming in May


On my blog I've posted some May-blooming beauties from my garden, including this Spiderwort that apparently isn't universally admired.  Happy Gardenblogger Bloom Day to everyone but especially to Carol – because May IS officially her month.


  1. I love spiderworts! I have loads of shade and they provide a different texture to a garden with many big leaves like hostas and heucheras and many frilly leaves like columbine and geranium.

  2. Oh, it’s pretty. But it seeds itself everywhere in my yard. The root mass does not yank easily out of the ground, and if you just pull off the stems, they grow back and back and back.

    That’s my definition of a problem plant–one that requires a shovel to be rid of it.

  3. For over 10 years spiderwort was not a problem. Then it started self seeding like a maniac. It comes up in the cracks of the sidewalk. One mutated into a lovely pale blue. It is only the dark purple that spreads. Isn’t this a native plant?

  4. I love spiderworts too. The gardener who passed some on to me said when they start to look icky you can just mow them down with a lawnmower. They give you hope for spring when they come up before the irises.

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