Briony Morrow-Cribbs and Other Crazy Plant Stuff at the Bone Room


Briony photo with press

Hey Bay Area people, listen up:  Briony Morrow-Cribbs, the artist who created the etchings for Wicked Plants, will be at the Bone Room in Berkeley tomorrow, May 6 from 7-9 pm, for an artist's reception. She's coming all the way from Madison for this event, so please do stop by if you're in the area. Briony is an enormously talented artist and a lovely person.  I'm sure you'd enjoy meeting her.

On exhibit at the Bone Room are the original copperplate etchings she created for Wicked Plants, in a special signed and numbered limited edition that she hand-colored.  They are surprisingly affordable:  I'm pretty sure I remember them being priced at $300, framed and matted.

And if you're not already tuned into what's happening at the Bone Room, be sure to check them out.  In addition to their very cool store, which sells bugs in lucite, skulls, and other such things you never knew you needed, they have opened this natural history salon next door for art exhibits, workshops, and lectures.  Coming up later this month:  a talk on carnivorous plants, a lecture called  "Dating Older Women: Field Adventures with Ari" by archeologist Paul Renne, who dated (get it?) important human fossils, and a talk by a Berkeley professor called "The Evolution of Plants:  The New View Using DNA."

Rosarypea color

The Bone Room is on Solano Avenue, a street known for its hip shops and restaurants.  (Ajanta, anyone?) So please do go check it out.  Briony's art will be up for the rest of May.