Christopher Buckley’s Writer’s Shed and Garden



This is the view from the back door of Christopher Buckley’s Washington, D.C. home.  Beyond the pool you see just a glimpse of the author’s home office, center top in this photo.


Inside, Buckley’s office.  Notice the “Thank You for Smoking” movie poster on the right.


And here’s the view from Buckley’s office back toward the house.


Not just beautiful, the garden is strewn with opportunities for family fun and leisure in the great outdoors.  It was my favorite on the Garden Conservancy’s D.C. tour yesterday.  Nice place to live and work, huh?


  1. Hey Susan, I reviewed his memoir, Losing Mum and Pup. He seems to have adored those crazy parents.

    Plus, he’s got a great pool. I don’t see that there is much cause for whining there.

  2. How does the retaining wall behind the pool drain so that it does not get into the pool water?

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