Retiring to the garden, with horses


Retirement for John Van Brundt meant no more commuting to his teaching job at the 
University of Maryland, and having lots more time to garden, raise sheep and go out dancing.  A nice, settled life for this country gentleman on 20 rolling acres of farmland.

But then the horse rescuers found him, and before he knew it he was getting out of the sheep business and donating the use of his pastures and barns to horses without homes, sometimes as many as 50, and about 25 when I visited last week.  The local nonprofit Horse Rescue pays for the feed and their volunteers do all the work, so John can just enjoy these beautiful animals and spend even more time gardening and dancing (neither of which seem to require him to have an Internet connection – yes, he's a hold-out).
Below you see John with one of his tenants and on the right, a retired worker from the Grand Canyon enjoying his leisure years.  Another of John's charges is a Clydesdale who once pulled caissons at Arlington National Cemetery.  (So, does this count as our Memorial Day post?)



John's garden-wrapped farmhouse was built in the 1790s.


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