File Under “Fantastic Plant”



This is allium senescens.  I bought it unlabeled at a plant sale four or five years ago and have since divided it up and placed it in every impossible spot in my yard–sunny spots in my super-sandy soil that are drained to a crisp by large trees.

No complaints, ever.  This is not a bulbous allium, but a clump-former that's best divided with a shovel. The flowers are numerous but by no means spectacular, in a ghostly purple-white color.  However, the strappy foliage and round shape of the plant are just nifty, offering crisp contrast to everything else in my borders.


  1. I looked at your blog as I do every morning and
    lo and behold , I see the plant that I have growing
    in my garden that just showed up! I figured
    it was some sort of an allium and it must have
    been mixed in with some drumstick allium I
    ordered from a nursery. Thanks for the identification!
    Love the plant and love happy accidents in the

  2. Had me scared for a minute – thought you were praising the dreaded Agapanthus, cliché landscape plant and freeway denizen that assaults my sensibilities everywhere in CA.

  3. This would be beautiful at my lake house. I was looking for something that will look great by the lake yet, allow use to enjoy the flowers. I love the dark green leaves, too.

  4. You might think that people can grow anything in their yards. This is not so, I must have the brownest thumb of all because I can not get anything to stay alive. I have been reading books and books about it, maybe this will help. I would love for my place to look like yours.

  5. This allium showed up in my garden too, and I’m glad I didn’t weed it out. I really like it and plan to divide it and move it into another garden bed where it would fit very well. Thanks to your post, at last I know which allium it is.

  6. You have a great green thumb. I would like my house to have these kinds of plants in my yard. They look nice.

  7. I know I’m going to be in the minority here but this plant is driving me nuts. I’m ready to pull mine up. Everything hides under the leaves. Every time i go to water or do anything close some creature pops out and gives me a scare.

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