Happy Independence Day, with scenes from NY’s Planting Fields


Some of my favorite scenes at Planting Fields Arboretum on Long Island, taken June 7 of this year.



With just a mown strip along the driveway, this meadow could be the answer for public gardens and large landscape of all types – an acceptable and relatively low-maintenance way to replace acres of turfgrass.


  1. Susan: This is a delightful 4th of July treat – true “independence” from the tyranny of lawns, which thrived in King George’s realm but has no business expanding into a whole lot of our nation.

  2. What a beautiful cottage. I have never been to NY, but hope to soon. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us.

  3. The pink cottage surrounded by its cottage garden is the original playhouse for the Coe’s children. Often, it is used for story telling for visitors.

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