The Garden of Landcraft’s Dennis Schrader


Landcraft is a Long Island nursery specializing in tropical and green roof plants, and it's the baby of a very cool guy named Dennis Schrader.  And beyond cool is the back garden of his and partner Bill Smith's home next door, images of which you see here from my visit in early June.  To die for.





In this last shot you can just make out – what's this? – a lawn between the house and the larger prairie-with-shrubs-type garden.  Nice segue from the built environment to what looks like wildness but is every bit a garden. 

See more photos of the garden here.  Posted by Susan (mistakenly as Gardenrant).


  1. Gardeners should check out the North Shore of Chicago, where lawns and evergreen shrubs rule the landscape and where the garden is scrubbed clean every fall (no stone unturned literally). That garden albeit beautiful would never do here!!!!

  2. I visit Landcraft gardens often to buy plants and I have seen many butterflies, ladybugs and other less desireable insects. Dennis is very concerned about the insects. I suspect that when a hundred people tour a garden the insects run for cover.

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