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Greetings from Maine!  This week, I had the incredible experience of sailing on my friend Tom's Catboat from Somesville Sound to Little Cranberry Island.  I contributed nothing to the sailing endeavor, but I did have a profoundly satisfying nap in the romantic little cabin on the boat.  And then a surprisingly excellent lunch at the Islesford dock on the island.


Fortunately, photographer Tom Gearty was a member of our happy party.  So I'm pleased to offer the Rant's readership a bit of relief today from my execrable photography.  All photos are credited to Tom Gearty!

There were lots of charming homemade log fences around the vegetable gardens of the little settlement of Islesford.


I'm assuming that the island has a problem with deer.  Or maybe just tourists.

Oh yeah, like that's going to work when you have delicious raspberries right next to the street.

It must be strange to live in a place where for two months of the year, you are local color.  And for the rest of the year, you are profoundly isolated from the rest of the world with maybe only 30 other families for company.

Of course, I live in a tourist town, too, and have to accept that a certain number of the peaches on my hellstrip will be lost to the drunks.  But I also feel a certain civic pride and have tried to make my garden somewhat entertaining for visitors.  

The owner of the bean garden below is similarly accommodating. I  particularly enjoyed the "Hazz Beans."


And I suspect that this scene too is designed for entertainment:

TPG_0213-2 It's the rare only-found-in Maine buoy tree.


  1. Interesting fruit under that “buoy tree”, but I think I’d rather check out the “Jelly bean” garden. Love to see fun gardens – gardeners tend to get way too serious and stuffy.

  2. That is certainly one amazing meal right there! LOL. Thanks for sharing this post. I just got a little hungry. But I need to acknowledge the sign you have on your garden. LOL. I should also have that posted near my garden. Guests are always picking the strawberries they see even the tomatoes!

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